Let Country Anthem Sell Your Products for Free Until 12/31/2017

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If you make hand made items and you would like to sell on Country Anthem. I will offer your items on my site for no cost between now and 12/3/2017 You will have to take care of shipping. Yes, you can use other selling platforms but Country Anthem is only for those who appreciate all things rural.


  • Items must be made in the USA
  • If your item is no longer available notify us at Country Anthem so we can remove the product from the web site.
  • Maker handles shipping including cost within 2 days of an order being placed.
  • You can link to your products as you wish from all your usual social networking sites.
  • Once a sale is made you will be credited for sale
  • Country Anthem management has the right to decide which products are a good fit for Country Anthem Customers
  • On 12/31/2017 your items will be removed from the website unless you have made an alternative agreement with Country Anthem to continue featuring your products
  • The maker agrees to supply detailed photos, descriptions, and purchase price. 
  • Country Anthem will post your products to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook
  • Country Anthem may use your photos in various promotions
  • We won't accept products that don't have attractive photos. Contact us regarding tips for great photography.We prefer photography that shows the product in a natural setting. A quilt on a bed or clothesline, jewelry among flowers, on old barn wood, or sitting on a rock. Morning or evening light is best. Avoid using flash. Photos must be clear and show products from several angles. Short video is acceptable as well.  I will soon be creating a blog regarding my photography techniques.  

Please send questions to Denise Tinsley at denise.tinsley@countryanthem.com



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