Vote Your Favorite Photo from the River Rat Photo Contest.

Note: Voting Extended to Friday 8/21/2015 9pm

Vote for your favorite photo in the comments


Photo #1 Quiet River Rolling


Photo #2 Pure Spring Fed River Versus Flood Water



Photo #3 Rollin on the River



Photo #4 Beautiful Color Contrasts 



Photo #5 Ready to get on the river


Photo #6 Light and Dark



Photo #7 Pure Spring Water



Photo #8 Morning Fog Burning Off



Photo #9 Quiet Reflection



Photo #10 Kickin Back



Photo #11 Happy Kayaking



Photo #12 Eagle on High



Photo #13 The Bluffs of the Current



Photo #14 Still Waters




Photo #15 River Fun!



Photo #16 A True River Rat



Photo #17 X Marks the Spot



Photo #18 Winter Kayaking



Photo #19 Fog coming in. 



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  • Joel Bryton on

    We went through all of the photos you submitted to us from your cleanups and picked our top ten finalists. It is now up to you to vote on the winning photo for the 2014 National River Cleanup Photo Contest.

  • Billie on
    2 I like several pictures but # 2 shows just how the river reacts when it is flooding.
    I love the two different colors.
  • Twilla Perry on
    a true Current River Rat. She looks like she about to freeze to death but still pushing down the river.
  • Diana on

    Photo #2 spring branch vs flood water

  • carla on

    Picture 19. The fog coming in.

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